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Service of Process Anywhere in Phoenix

Zone-Based - Valley Wide

We will get your service of process anywhere in Phoenix accomplished quickly. The pricing is based upon distance and time.  Access Legal Process charges one flat rate for three attempts anywhere in the Base Zone 1 Area.  If you have a  Zone 2 location, we will charge one price for that tier, and if you need to try a second location, anything in that tier or the base tier is included.  Same thing for a Zone 3.  For example, if you originally ask Access to go to a Zone 3 location, and then discover your defendant is in Zone 1 or 2, there are no additional charges.  However, if you ask for a Zone 1 address attempt, and then discovery the defendant is in another zone, an additional fee will be added.  Changes to the service location within any one Zone is included in the original quoted price.  

  • Zone 1 Price: Starting at $69.50 for three attempts.*
  • Zone 2 Price: Starting at $81.00 for three attempts. 
  • Zone 3 Price:  Starting $93.00 for three attempts. 

It is that simple.                                                                            

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* Rush serves slightly higher.  Legal support services vary.  

Click the map for a larger view, or call 602-559-4078 for a custom quote.
Click the map for a larger view, or call 602-559-4078 for a custom quote.

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Access Legal Service is now accepting service of process documents online or by email for the Phoenix area.  Just follow the links and we'll get your service started.  Need help? Have questions?  Call us for additional legal support services at 


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Once you've uploaded your documents for service of process in Phoenix, you'll get an email directing you to our online payment form.  You can also click the button below to take care of it now.  If you are looking legal support for something other than service of process, please call us at 602-559-4078, or call if you have any questions.